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Intelligent Seas Group delivers tailored learning using a blend of training mediums to provide our clients with the most effective learning experience at the lowest total training cost. The company has been born from a background of digital learning, marine experience, and training and competence experience across multiple industries. Our team has worked for and owned some of the most successful global companies involved in online learning and competence management, and comprises Masters, Chief Engineers and lecturers from world-renowned maritime colleges all over the world. Our mission is to challenge the status quo in maritime training and competence and to develop new ways of working that drive improved knowledge, skills and safety performance whilst also driving logistical efficiencies through to our customers.
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Our training and competence solutions leverage ongoing advances in technology to provide the highest quality, most convenient and most cost-effective learning environment. Our training supports multiple platforms from mobile phones to tablets and laptops to VR to provide a fully immersive learning environment. We use the most current software for eLearning and our Learning Management System.
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ISG is made up of Master Mariners and Chief Engineers, each with more than 20 years’ sea-time who provide subject matter support for everything we develop. This rich maritime pedigree includes senior specialists with backgrounds in the cruise sector, ferry sector, military, tanker and bulk carrier sectors and with operational experience in every region of the world, including Polar Class vessels.
Training & Competence
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ISG has been built on the knowledge and experiences of a senior team, each one of whom has spent their careers working in international digital and instructor-led training businesses. The maritime and energy sectors have been served by our team, and we appreciate the value of competence in life critical industries and help clients to design, develop and implement competence standards and systems.
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Our work to date has included significant projects across the maritime sector such as:

• Developing online training in new fuels technologies for the cruise sector tailored to the requirements of the end client

• Providing a range of online simulation training to clients in the tanker and ferry sectors

• Working with a global manufacturing specialist to develop training standards for Hydrogen training to the maritime sector

• Creating interactive videos and immersive environments for illustrating life-critical drills onboard ships and the correct use of fast rescue craft and lifeboats for the Government sector

• Developing blended learning offerings to address the requirements of the Polar Code for vessels operating in Polar waters

• Creating immersive training for Crowd Management for clients in the cruise and ferry sectors

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