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Introduction to eLearning
Creating engaging learning environments that use a rich variety of media to challenge and stimulate the learner.

Online learning can take many different forms, from links to learning resources such as pdfs and websites, to standalone eLearning courses and assessment, to micro learning and online simulation to immersive online environments using artificial and virtual reality to immerse the learner in an interactive environment.

Each resource offers different types of learning that are appropriate for different learners and different subject areas. Our focus is to develop and deliver high-quality learning, with interactivity and engagement reflected in all the online content that we create.

Online learning provides access to a wide range of flexible resources that learners can use to develop specific knowledge, or to test their current knowledge against accepted standards and best practice. This training medium is available on smartphones, tablets and PCs at home or in the workplace.

We can build totally bespoke courses to suit your needs, or choose from our pre-built generic courses. These courses can be uploaded to our Learning Management System so that delegates can access all of their courses in one place.

Bespoke content is for clients looking to reflect their specific working environment in the training, rather than working with generic principles that can apply to any company or any individual learner.
Choose from a range of training courses filled with highly interactive digital content, supported by practical training and workshops, to achieve the required standards and certification.
The Learning Management System is a fundamental tool that enables learners to access and undertake digital learning content and to be assessed and certified on that content.