Online Learning Management System for Maritime Training


Training Made Easy
The Learning Management System is a fundamental tool that enables learners to access and undertake digital learning content and to be assessed and certified on that content.

Our ISG LMS has been developed to be extremely simple and intuitive to use, whilst offering a wide range of highly advanced features for individual learners and for Training Managers. Delegates can log-in and easily find the courses that they have to undertake and the progress they have made to-date on all courses. Training Managers and Administrators can quickly view and generate reports that illustrate the progress of all employees across the enterprise, showing courses passed / failed / in progress, and those that are still to be undertaken. Automatic alerts and emails remind learners of the deadlines by which they need to complete their training.

Learners can store all their evidence of competence in the system, so they have digital access to all their certificates, medicals and passport information on an immediate basis. Our system will also highlight competence gaps that require to be filled by learners in order to reach specific skill-levels and roles and will allow them to plan their career progression based on the knowledge and competencies required for promotion to their next position.

Watch our video below for a preview of our Learning Management System: