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ISG and MLS Partnership
Intelligent Seas Group and Marine Learning Systems are proud to announce a new partnership to provide world class eLearning content with a best-in-class Learning Management System (LMS) to the international maritime industry.

Both companies focus on quality, customer service, flexibility and optimising technology, so this partnership provides customers with the confidence that their training needs are being met by experts, both in the maritime sector and training and competence.

This new venture has international reach with partners in the UK, Canada, Bahamas, UAE and the Philippines and provides a fully integrated and optimised LMS and eLearning content platform, specifically tailored to the needs of the global maritime industry. Offerings include generic eLearning, blended learning with optimised practical sessions for STCW Updaters, and bespoke eLearning content that reflects each client’s facilities, operations, vessels, procedures and branding.

ISG’s eLearning content uses the most up-to-date software packages and techniques and each course uses real-life maritime case studies, immersive environments and regular knowledge checks to ensure learner engagement and knowledge retention. The Marine Learning Systems LMS is accessed online, allowing seafarers to train anytime and anywhere at their convenience, whether they’re at home or on board. Low and zero bandwidth areas are also accommodated by this solution.

The focus is not just on eLearning content but on the competence of learners using workshops on vessel, competence assessed exercises and MLS’ Skill Grader tool. As always, service is customised whenever possible to be most appropriate for each individual customer.

Who is MLS?
Marine Learning Systems provides software to support the full breadth of maritime training and assessment, from effective knowledge transfer to live skills assessment. Their solutions support cultures of safety in maritime operations, helping to protect personnel and capital assets from accidents.

Marine Learning Systems customers include some of the most prominent operators in the world, such as BC Ferries, Carnival Corporation, The Royal Canadian Navy, Moran Towing, Disney Cruise Lines, and more. Their vision is a world where all workers and the companies they work for continually improve their safety, productivity and engagement through state-of-the-art targeted, effective and measurable training.

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